Asphalt Installation

Businesses should hire a paving company to install a parking lot or other commercial pavement because professional contractors have the expertise, equipment, and materials to create a durable and functional surface that can withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions. When you need quality results, hire quality contractors.

Bart’s Asphalt: Michigan’s Pavement Installation Experts

We have a thorough knowledge of asphalt installation best practices to create long-lasting parking lots, roads, loading zones, walkways, play areas, and more. Our skilled team also provides pavement maintenance and asphalt repair services to extend the life of your parking lot or road and keep it looking and functioning like new.

Here are the five essential steps for successful asphalt installation that ensure our paved surfaces are durable, long-lasting, and can handle the demands of weather and traffic.

  • Proper subgrade preparation: The subgrade must be excavated and compacted to provide a solid base for the pavement structure.
  • Stable aggregate base: A layer of aggregate material like crushed stone or gravel is applied onto the subgrade and compacted to provide a solid foundation.
  • Appropriate thickness: The asphalt layer should be thick enough to withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. Professional paving contractors also use different types of asphalt for structural layers versus the smooth surface layer to ensure the paved area is durable and long-lasting.
  • Proper compaction & grading: The layers must be compacted to ensure a smooth and level surface that can handle the weight of vehicles. The layers are also graded to provide correct drainage, as standing water can damage the surface.
  • Regular maintenance: Regular pavement maintenance, such as crack filling and sealcoating, is essential to extend the life of an asphalt surface and ensure that it can withstand weather and traffic.

By hiring a professional paving company like Bart’s Asphalt, Michigan businesses can ensure their paved surface is safe, functional, and beautiful. In addition, a correctly paved parking lot enhances curb appeal, while any new pavement increases property values.

Why Call Bart’s Asphalt for Parking Lot Installation?

With years of experience in the industry, we pay close attention to detail, using quality materials and equipment. Bart’s Asphalt also has practical communication skills, excellent problem-solving abilities to address any challenges, and a strong work ethic to complete paving projects within budget and on time.

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