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Hot Applied Crack Seal

Why should you crack seal your parking lot?

It is critical to crack seal your parking lot while it is in great shape. Over time, your parking lot loses the oils that help to keep the asphalt together which results in decreased flexibility. This decreased flexibility results in cracking which is the first step in parking lot deterioration. 

Crack sealing helps to assist in water-proofing the asphalt to aid in water runoff to drainage areas. 

We use the hot applied method which allows our rubber to set up extremely quickly minimizing the down-time of your parking lot!


How long will asphalt crack seal last?

Crack seal longevity has a lot of variables which can be addressed by one of our experienced project estimators. 

In Michigan, asphalt expands and contracts based on the temperature. When crack seal is applied in the summer months when the asphalt is fully expanded, the result will be hairline cracks forming in the rubber in the winter months as the asphalt pulls apart. 

The important factor of crack seal is that even with the hairline cracks forming in winter months, it drastically decreases how much water is able to enter the sub-base and deteriorate the structural integrity of the asphalt. Crack seal is generally the number one cost benefit that can be performed on a parking lot to save ownership tens of thousands in the long run!


How big should cracks be to crack seal?

In Michigan, we recommend that cracks between 3/8" to 2" be crack sealed. When cracks are smaller than 3/8", it is difficult for the rubber to sink into the crack and adhere to the asphalt. This results in rubber peeling up in extreme temperatures or with traffic.

It is also important to note that an asphalt company should never be crack sealing over an alligatored area. An alligatored area looks like the scales of an alligator in your parking lot and is caused by sub-base failure and asphalt failure. This would need to be escalated to an asphalt repair if the budget allows. Crack seal at this point offers no benefit to anyone!

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