Hot Applied Crack Seal

Bart’s Asphalt’s crack sealing services help business owners extend pavement life, improve safety, enhance appearance, and increase property value. Crack seal is generally the number one cost benefit that can be performed on a parking lot to save ownership tens of thousands in the long run! (Read More on Parking Lot Repair )

Crack Sealing FAQ

Let our asphalt repair experts answer your crack seal questions!

  • What causes pavement to split?

    Over time, your parking lot loses the oils that help to keep the asphalt together, decreasing flexibility and causing cracking. Without sealing, water gets into the pavement structure, washing away aggregates and breaking pavement more when it freezes.

  • Why should you crack-seal your parking lot?

    Sealing breaks in your pavement before they worsen and turn into potholes or other damage is critical. In addition, sealing helps water-proof the asphalt to aid in water runoff to drainage areas.

  • How long does it take to seal a cracked parking lot?

    We use the hot-applied sealing method, which allows our rubberized crack-filling compound to set up extremely quickly, minimizing the downtime of your parking lot!

  • How long will the sealant last?

    Crack seal longevity has many variables that one of our experienced project estimators can address. All sealants will develop hairline fractures in winter because of pavement expansion and contraction. However, even with the hairline cracks, this repair service drastically decreases how much water can enter the sub-base and deteriorate the structural integrity of the asphalt.

  • How big should cracks be to get sealing?

    We recommend that cracks between 3/8″ to 2″ be sealed in Michigan. When the gap is smaller than 3/8″, it is difficult for the rubber to sink into the break and adhere to the asphalt. This results in rubber peeling up in extreme temperatures or with traffic.

  • Do crack seal services work on all cracks?

    It’s important to note that this method isn’t recommended for alligator cracking, a different kind of crack where the surface is crackled like alligator skin. This is a more severe form of deterioration and needs more advanced asphalt repair methods.

Bart’s Asphalt: Quality Crack Sealing in Michigan

Our team of experts has the experience and knowledge to identify the type and severity of cracks in your commercial pavement and choose the most effective solution to repair them.

Trust Bart’s Asphalt to keep your parking lots, roadways, and more looking and functioning like new with our top-quality crack sealing services.

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