Parking Lot Line Striping

Don’t let your parking lot become a hazard! Fresh line striping can improve safety, increase curb appeal, and enhance the overall functionality of your commercial property. Ensure your customers or tenants have a positive experience with well-marked spaces and clearly designated traffic areas. Contact Bart’s Asphalt today to schedule your pavement striping services.

Parking Lot Line Striping FAQs

Let our paving experts answer all your questions about how the experts at Bart’s Asphalt turn plain pavement into an ADA-compliant parking lot with quality traffic paint and stencils.

  • Why should you line-stripe your lot?

    In Michigan’s volatile weather, even durable traffic paint will eventually wear off. You also want your commercial property to be as accessible as possible to your community. It is essential to stay in ADA compliance by having your having and maintaining the correct pavement markings

  • What is ADA compliance?

    The government has implemented laws that require a proportional amount of accessible stalls, routes, and aisles for drivers to use. Working with a contractor that understands ADA compliance is essential to ensure your parking lot is up to code!

  • What is the parking lot painting process?

    1. First, the asphalt pavement is thoroughly cleaned, and any debris or dirt is removed.
    2. Next, the space is measured and parking stalls, directional arrows, handicap spaces, and other markings are planned out.
    3. Then, the markings are laid out using stencils or chalk, and the paint is applied using a striping machine. The pigment used is specifically formulated for outdoor use. It is designed to withstand heavy traffic and exposure to the elements.
    4. Once the paint has dried, necessary touch-ups are made, and the area is blocked off for proper curing time. The entire process can usually be completed in a day, depending on the lot’s size and the design complexity.
  • Why choose us for your striping services?

    Michigan businesses should trust Bart’s Asphalt for line striping and ADA compliance because we have extensive experience in commercial pavement maintenance, including line striping and ADA compliance regulations. In addition, we use top-quality materials and advanced equipment to ensure precise and durable results.

For quality parking lot striping in Michigan, Bart’s Asphalt is the paving company more businesses trust.

By having properly marked and ADA-compliant parking lots, businesses can improve safety, accessibility, and overall appearance, ultimately attracting more customers and enhancing their reputation. Contact us today!

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