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Parking Lot Sealcoating

Why should you sealcoat your parking lot?

It is critical to sealcoat your parking lot while it is in great shape. Over time, your parking lot loses the oils that help to keep the asphalt together which results in decreased flexibility. This decreased flexibility results in cracking which is the first step in parking lot deterioration. 

Sealcoating helps to block ultraviolet light, assist in water-proofing the asphalt to aid in water runoff to drainage areas, and helps to absorb the traffic. 


What material is used?

At Bart's Asphalt LLC, we use an environmentally friendly asphalt emulsion sealer that is compliant in locations. Asphalt emulsion sealer is an asphalt base, in direct comparison to Coal Tar sealer which is a coke byproduct and contains cancer causing material. Many asphalt companies unfortunately use Coal Tar sealer in Michigan, which is the number one pollutant of rivers and lakes in Michigan. For an environmentally responsible material, use Bart's Asphalt LLC's asphalt emulsion sealer.

We add 2-3 pounds of sand per gallon of sealer as well as an additional 1.5% polymer additive which increases durability and longevity.


How long will sealcoat last?

This is a variable for all of our clients! Sealcoat is a "wear coat", which means that it is meant to be worn off over time. The main contributing factors to what causes this wear includes: traffic, weather, and ultraviolet light. It is not uncommon to see sealer worn off in extremely high traffic areas within a year or two.


How many coats of sealcoat should be applied?

In the case of commercial lots, it is always recommended to put two coats of sealcoat on. This is because of the high traffic that these lots experience. Applying two coats of asphalt emulsion sealcoat significantly improves longevity and durability! 

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