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We Offer a Range of Asphalt
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With years of experience and working with some of the biggest commercial clients in Michigan, we have adapted our services to fit the needs of our clients like you!

Commercial Sealcoating

Sealcoating is the process of applying a thin layer of asphalt emulsion sealer over the existing asphalt. This is a needed maintenance service for all parking lots in decent condition as it dramatically helps to increase longevity.

Parking lots slowly lose their oils and flexibility as ultraviolet light, weather, and traffic take their toll on it. Sealcoating helps to block ultraviolet light, assist with water runoff, and helps with the wear and tear of traffic.


Crack Seal

Over time, your parking lot will oxidize from ultraviolet light, weather, and traffic. When the oils start to dry up, your parking lot becomes less flexible and will start to experience cracking.

Crack seal is the process of sealing the cracks to prevent water from penetrating the sub-base. In Michigan especially, when water enters the sub-base, it compromises the structural integrity of the asphalt. Over time with traffic, these compromised areas begin to fail and the result is a pothole.

Crack seal helps to assist in water runoff in your parking lot to the drainage areas. Allowing less water into the sub-base significantly increases the longevity of your parking lot. Studies show that for every $1 of investment into repairs and maintenance (which includes crack seal and sealcoating), it will save owners approximately $5 in future rehabilitation and construction costs!

In Michigan it is essential to complete crack seal every year or two. Call our project estimators now to learn more on how we can help you save!


Asphalt Repairs

As your asphalt gets older, cracks will eventually lead into potholes or fatigued areas. At this point in the life cycle of your asphalt, it is necessary to repair these areas so that they do not continue to expand and create liability for your property!

When you work with Bart’s Asphalt LLC, an experienced project estimator will work with you to identify the best cost effective solutions to the areas needing asphalt repairs.

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Line Striping & Parking Lot Marking

Bart’s Asphalt LLC is able to assist you with re-striping your parking lot as well as help identify areas where you may be out of compliance with ADA specifications.

We look forward to restoring the beauty of your parking lot!

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